Professional golfer Gary Woodland is a competitor on the green, but off of it, he has a different approach, and Player Style Files was able to uncover it.

“I would say my style is pretty laid back,” Woodland said. “I like to have a good time. When I’m not golfing I like to keep my emotions bottled up.

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Woodland said the reason for him leaving his emotions aside is because adrenaline can sometimes be a negative for his game.

Woodland is also highly superstitious, ranging from sticking to the same warm-up routine to even putting his left shoe on first every time.

“I would never put the right shoe on first,” he said. “It’s just something I do, I don’t know why that is.”

When Woodland is not playing golf, he enjoys a “low-key” lifestyle, which included spending time with family and playing ping pong. He also uses training at home as a release from the game of golf.

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Woodland, who is a University of Kansas alumnus, is a huge fan of Kansas basketball and tries to attend as many games as he can.

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