BRENTWOOD (KDKA) – A large water main break left dozens of people without water in two local communities.

The 30-inch water started leaking Wednesday on Burgess Street in Brentwood.

That’s when about 100 people were left with little to no water for hours that stretched into days in both Baldwin and Brentwood.

“Every time we call we’re told another four or five hours, 6 p.m., 8 p.m., 12 p.m.,” said Frank Grimes, a resident. “This morning we got up, no water, they said it would be 8 o’clock this morning.”

“It started at 8 o’clock on Wednesday evening,” said Henry Stevens, who lives a few blocks down the road from Grimes on Willet Road. “My wife was washing dishes, and all of a sudden no water, and I called the water company and they said, ‘Oh, we’ll have it repaired by midnight.’”

Water buffaloes have been set up at 2926 Churchview Avenue and at 3967 Deervue Drive, but that doesn’t help anyone take a shower.

“Needless to say, I didn’t shower Thursday morning,” said George Einloth. “I didn’t have a shower this morning. I go to work at 5 o’clock tomorrow morning and I work in a fish place, so I’ll be smelling pretty ripe when I get home.”

“They’ve run into a number of technical and weather related challenges that has made the project go on much longer than we anticipated,” said Pennsylvania American spokesperson Josephine Posti.

The company says it apologizes for the delays, but has had trouble with valves and changing temperatures. It made them admit early Friday that they couldn’t put a timeframe on when repairs would be finished.

“One of their frustrations is not knowing when it’s going to end,” she said. “That’s our frustration as well. We would like to be able to give our customers a good timeframe of what they can expect and as soon as we have some updates available, we will.”

Service is now restored; however, residents are being asked to boil their water for the next couple of days.

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