NEW CASTLE (KDKA) – It turns out this would-be robber’s bark was bigger than his bite.

A New Castle store owner says a man attempting to rob his business pretended to have a gun, then went running out of the store when the owner pulled out a real one.

Store owner Mike Caggiono said he got the gun permit to protect the store and his longtime employee – his wife.

They’ve owned the clothing store for 50 years and it’s only the second time someone has tried to target the store.

Caggiono says the suspect, James Morris, came into the store asking his wife for help with a new suit.

“So she turned around, he put his hand in his pocket like this and said ‘I have a gun, I want your money,’” said Caggiono. “And then she called for me and I came out and he started backing up toward the cash wrap, the cash drawer, and I had my pistol there and I took it out, I took the safety off it and he ran out the door.”

Caggiono also says Morris claimed to have a bomb at one point.

“It did happen, what are you going to do?” Caggiono said. “I did what I thought was right.”

Caggiono and his wife were at the New Castle Police Department Monday night to give their statements to police.

Caggiono also says by no means will this change how he does business, nor will he be considering retirement.

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