GREENSBURG (KDKA) – Greensburg Police say a recent drug bust came down to just good old police work, the use of a confidential informant and some garbage picking.

Painter and Grove in Greensburg is an intersection that, until recently, was very busy with a different kind of traffic.

“There was a lot of vehicle traffic,” said neighbor David Harlin. “There’s always a car pulling in on the corner. Go in and come out 10 minutes later.”

The popular place was 250 Painter, the home of Brandon Crawford.

Crawford’s abode was an alleged drug mini-mart, according to a confidential informant. But officers needed more. That’s when one man’s trash turned into a detective’s treasure.

“Our officers on night shift checked the garbage cans out at the curb,” said Greensburg Police Chief Walter Lyons. “They found drug paraphernalia in the garbage. We executed a search warrant at the residence and found heroin.”

Crawford was arrested. Not long after, something else happened.

“We got information from another confidential informant that an individual was coming in on a train, to Greensburg on the train,” said Lyons.

That man, Jalen Major of Philadelphia, was making a deliver, police say.

“He had 20 bags of crack cocaine in his possession and several boxes of stamp bags of heroin,” said Lyons. “I think he was surprised to see officers identify themselves when he got off the train.”

Major was also arrested. Investigators say he and Crawford may have been business associates.

“There may be some indications those individuals are connected in some way,” said Lyons.

Meanwhile, back on Painter Avenue, relief is the word of the day. Neighbors say they can finally relax.

Both men are in the Westmoreland County Jail. Jalen Major is being held on a $25,000 straight cash bond. Brandon Crawford is being held on a $50,000 straight cash bond.

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