PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Do you have a stain or two around the house that you just can’t get out? The StainzAway mitt says it can help with only a mitt and water.

So, does it really do that?

Anita Scaglione was happy to help KDKA’s Jennifer Antkowiak find out.

She and her kids fell in love with a rescue dog named Finn. She explained he came from a hoarding situation down south. Anita said Finn is a great dog with a lot of energy, but he does carry a stain risk.

“Of course with a new puppy, you have the potty training accidents,” she said.

Sadly, Anita has also dealt with stains from a dog they used to have that had cancer.

She’s tried a bunch of things to get them out, but hasn’t been happy with the results.

Anita loved the idea of being able to clean stains naturally, without toxins, and she was eager to give StainzAway a try.

“Oh, I’d love to. Quick and easy would be phenomenal,” she said.

StainzAway claims to be able to tackle old and new stains quickly, easily, and safely with a special microfiber mitt and water.

The directions are easy—just wet the StainzAway mitt and scrub the stain.

Anita chose an old stain to start the testing.

“That one mysteriously appeared; so that could have come from a child, some sort of food stain, or it could be connected to a dog stain. I just don’t know, but it’s old, at least six months old,” she said.

Anita had worked on that stain before, trying natural things without chemicals, and other products with chemicals.

“Nothing’s touched it,” she said.

As directed, Anita wets the StainzAway mitt and starts scrubbing. The stain was stickier than expected, but she felt it loosening. More rinsing, wetting, and scrubbing followed.

“It seems to be at least breaking it up,” Anita said.

In the end, the stain definitely wasn’t as dark as it was, and the StainzAway also took the stickiness out of the carpet.

Anita wanted to try another area where there was more of a straight stain – no stickiness.

She had cleaned this stain before with a variety of cleaners. It’s been there from their sick dog.

Although Anita thought it was as clean as it could get, the StanzAway mitt picked up a lot more. Jen and Anita could see it on the mitt, and in the rinse water.

We wanted to see how Stainzaway would work on a new stain, so Jen and Anita created one with red wine and a carpet remnant.

They let it sit for a minute, and Anita started scrubbing. Soon, they started to see a change.

“It’s coming out, and red wine is something that’s not easy to get out,” Anita said.

After more scrubbing they could barely see the mark.

So, StainzAway microfiber cleaning mitt, does it really do that?

Anita says she’d buy it.

“It’s more convenient, and it seems like it does a pretty good job, even on old stains,” she said.

You can wash and re-use StainzAway. It’s sold online and in stores.

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