PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — As 22-year-old Samantha Davis’s jeep teetered on the edge of the 18th Street sidewalk Tuesday morning, headlights illuminated the barricades that closed off the street and detoured cars.

But as daylight came, the barricades started blending into the background and driver after driver were going so fast, brakes were getting a workout.

Watch: Drivers Caught Off-Guard By Barricades

One driver couldn’t stop and did a little off-roading to avoid taking out the barricade, but another driver wasn’t so fortunate. That prompted police to put a police car behind the barricade.

The day has been filled with baffled drivers trying to figure out where to go next. It was the second accident in that area in the last two weeks and it’s fired up the neighbors.

“Just the speeding,” said Ray Thompson, who lives on the street. “How fast they go up and down.”

“I see them going by here 50 miles an hour, and you’ve just got to watch out to cross the street,” added Joe Sokolowski, who works at a nearby business.

KDKA pulled out the radar gun, and while we never saw 50, there were plenty well up in the 30s in the 25 miles per hour speed zone.

There’s an irony to all this in that the street was recently re-paved, and neighbors and police say the speeding has gotten worse with the new pavement.

Long before Tuesday’s accident, City Councilman Bruce Kraus’s office has been aware of the issue and is working with Public Works and the police on possible solutions.

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