PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Dating can be very confusing, especially in this day and age with trying to meet people the “old-fashioned way” versus the use of dating apps, a new one of which seems to pop up everyday.

Biology Professor Dawn Maslar seems to have the answers and will be here in Pittsburgh on Thursday, May 28 for a one-night only talk.

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Maslar explains the biological pressures, and difference between men and women, and how it breaks dating down to a science.

“Falling in love is a risk. It’s a risk for both. Women take the risk when she becomes sexual; men take the risk when he becomes emotional,” Maslar says.

According to Maslar, when an individual falls in love, they enter a state she refers to as “temporary insanity.” Parts of the brain shut down; the effects are what makes falling in love feel so great.

“Your ventromedial prefrontal cortex, which I call ‘the judge,’ that’s the part that is judging you and also judging the other person, actually shuts down for a period. Also, your imigula shuts down, which the imigula is your alarm system, so your anxiety level decreases,” Maslar says. “That’s why we love falling in love, because we feel so good, we’re not judging ourselves, we don’t have anxiety, parts of the brain that have bad memories shut down for a while.”

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Falling in love can be tricky, and as we grow older it can become harder and harder. Maslar breaks it down and says its all about the biology.

Check out the whole interview here:

Learn more about the Science of Love at www.DawnMaslar.com

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