PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There may be some good news for a little boy in desperate need of a liver transplant.

After 18 long months on a waiting list, Lucas Goeller, 2, has received his first offer for a liver transplant.

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According to a press release, “So many people have rallied around Lucas, and today, the Goeller family hopes these same people will keep the donor and the donor family in their thoughts and prayers. This family is coping with the loss of their loved one, while at the same time selflessly trying to help others through the amazing gift of organ donation.”

Lucas Goeller’s family started a grassroots effort to spread the word in hopes of getting a liver donated to the two-year-old- a Facebook page, a GoFundMe page, they even received free advertising on local billboards.

“We are very excited,” said Mary Kankoski, via phone. “However, we have mixed emotions, because mixed in with our excitement is the sadness for the donor family.”

Kankoski said Lucas’ mom received a Facebook message this past weekend, from the mother of a terminally ill child. The mother of a terminally ill child reached out to the family in an effort to help Lucas. On Monday, the terminally ill child was declared to be brain dead.

If you would like to help Lucas, visit the links below:

Despite the good news about a possible donor, there are still some hurdles to clear. While the donor does not have the same blood type as Lucas, doctors are confident it is manageable. However, doctors are also determining if the liver is safe due to the donor’s terminal illness.

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“The family can make a choice if they know somebody or they have identified somebody they would at least like to consider for their loved one’s organs,” says Susan Stuart about direct donations.

Stuart is the president and CEO of the Center for Organ Recovery and Education (CORE) in Pittsburgh. She explained that while there has been an increase in direct donations, more organs are still donated to anonymous recipients.

“I think it’s just so critical that people while they are healthy and well, that they make that pledge for life, by registering to be a donor,” added Stuart.

“The Goellers ask that everyone who has shown support for Lucas please also offer up kind thoughts and prayers for a youngster who passed away too soon, and a grieving family with the strength and grace to take the time to think of others in their time of sorrow,” the statement said.

Right now there are 8,000 people in Pennsylvania waiting for a life-saving organ, one less thanks to a donation to Lucas Goeller.

Kankoski commented, “It’s very complicated and it’s going to be a high risk surgery and we want to request that everyone continue to pray for Lucas because we know that he has a long road to travel.”

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