By Andrea Park

The Vogue September issue, which is the magazine’s biggest issue every year, is known for its thoughtful profiles of cover celebrities, who allow readers to peek into their lives with in-depth interviews.

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This year, that changes. Readers won’t get an inside look at cover star Beyonce’s life. The Vogue cover star is, instead, the subject of an essay written by Margo Jefferson about her star power.

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“It was definitely posed to me as … call it a think piece if you want,” Jefferson told the New York Times. “I had no contact with her camp.”

The Times pointed out that Beyonce is the first Vogue September celebrity cover star to not give any form of interview in five years. The publication also determined that Beyonce stopped granting face-to-face interviews altogether sometime between 2013 and 2014, with the exception of taped interviews for TV.

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