By Brenda Waters

BUTLER COUNTY (KDKA) — Some people who live in a Butler County community say they don’t feel safe in their own homes.

The problem: they fear stray bullets.

Brenda Waters talked with Middlesex Township Police Sgt. Randy Ruediger.

“We had two different residences that were struck by bullets, the bullets actually entered into the residences,” he said.

And it happened on the same day, the afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 30. One of those houses belongs to Dan Sheehan and his wife Sharon in a new housing plan in Valencia.

The Sheehans and two of their children had been sitting in the family room when they heard a loud noise, it was a bullet that hit the back of the house and kept going right through the house.

The second bullet passed through a neighbors house within eyeshot. Brenda waters asked police if they know who did the shooting.

“We do not know … we are trying to determine who the shooters are,” said Sgt. Ruediger.

“So you haven’t talked to anyone who was shooting that particular day?” asked KDKA’s Brenda Waters.

“We have talked to two individuals that were shooting that day, we’re just not absolutely certain that it was the bullet that entered the residences, at this point,” Ruediger replied.

Police say the two men were target practicing on property they own and there is no law against that as long as the shooting is done safely. The word “safely” is what concerns Sheehan.

“I am concerned that the shooters doing the target practice went away unaware that they fired into two homes in this neighborhood,” he said.

“I think there needs to be some form of prosecution. I’m an NRA member, I’m a gun owner. I understand it, I know how to fire safely and how to shoot safely and how to hunt safely. I think these people need to take responsibility for what they did and they need to be cited for it. Because we are fearful now,” he added.

Middlesex police say the investigation continues.

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