NORTH BELLE VERNON (KDKA) – State police have charged three juveniles for allegedly throwing rocks and stones at cars on Interstate 70.

Police say it happened late Saturday night and early Sunday morning along the stretch of I-70 near Ferncliff Drive in North Belle Vernon.

At least six cars were struck by rocks and stones. Damage to the vehicles included cracked windshields, shattered sunroofs, dents and chips to vehicle paint.

“The incident took place Saturday night Sept. 19 into the early hours of Sunday morning; actually two separate incidents that night, we had people throw rocks over the overpass onto 70,” said Trooper Matthew Jardine, of Pennsylvania State Police.

A total of nine people were riding in the cars, but none of them reported being injured. Luckily, the rock throwing did not lead to any crashes.

Police arrested three boys, saying they threw the rocks from Ferncliff Drive, which overlooks I-70.

“This is a typical scenario,” said Trooper Jardine. “Kids get bored or have too much time on their hands they do something they think is funny or fun and it turns into a very dangerous situation for motorist on the highway.”

Police found two of the suspects early Sunday morning at a nearby fast food restaurant. They told police they were visiting a relative in the area, but eventually admitted they’d been throwing rocks onto the interstate.

“They gave the police officer a story that didn’t make any sense, even false names,” said Trooper Jardine. “When he attempted to pin down their story and verify the information they gave, it was disclosed they were lying. They gave another story this time, they told the truth, they admitted they threw rocks over the overpass.”

(Photo Courtesy: Jarrod Rodehaver)

(Photo Courtesy: Jarrod Rodehaver)

Jarrod Rodehaver was traveling west on I-70, when his car was hit by rocks. He issued the following statement Tuesday morning:

“When we passed under the bridge, we heard a loud crash and thought we had hit something. But after pulling over on the shoulder, two other cars immediately pulled over behind us. Our Acura’s sunroof was shattered, our roof and trunk were dented. The cars behind us had smashed windshields, so we knew something had to be thrown over the bridge. My ultimate concern was for my wife’s safety and she was not injured, but the rock struck the roof right above her head which was most concerning. Our car is currently being repaired. I am glad the people responsible were caught, but there has to be consequences for their actions as someone could’ve been killed that night, luckily we were being watched over.”

People who live in the area say they aren’t surprised.

“They do it all the time,” said Jeffrey Sillence, who lives in Belle Vernon. “ I don’t know why they do it…just kids being kids, I guess.”

“Kids need jobs,” said Ed Lesovic, also of Belle Vernon. “They need something to do.”

All three have been charged as juveniles with the propulsion of missiles into occupied vehicles.

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