PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – After years of hoaxes and fake photos floating around the Internet, today is actually the future date shown in the movie Back To The Future II.

Every few months since 2012 hoaxes and photo-shopped images circulated the Internet from the second Back to The Future movie making it appear that the current date matched the movie.

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But Back To The Future was released in 1985 and in that movie Marty McFly traveled 30-years back in time to 1955.

In the sequel, Back To The Future II, McFly traveled 30-years forward in time to 2015, October 21, 2015 to be precise.

That’s today… So happy Back To The Future Day to all!

Hopefully, with today being the official day Marty McFly and his time-traveling DeLorean went to the future, it will mean an end to all those hoaxes that have been going around for years.

But how close did the movie come to predicting the future?

“We knew going in nobody ever predicts the future accurately; it can’t be done,” said Bob Gale, the movie’s screenwriter.

Well, we’re not quite to the point of being able to rehydrate a pizza, but the virtual reality glasses certainly have come true, primarily in the gaming world and Google Glass.

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Video conferencing has also become a reality. We call it Facetime or Skype, but it’s very real and also has become very common.

Kids rarely tie shoes anymore, but Marty’s power laces aren’t quite here. However, Nike touted a pair in New York on Wednesday.

In another scene, drones are operating cameras, and Doc Brown uses a smartphone.

Pepsi also offered a limited edition “Pepsi Perfect” mimicking the one Doc Brown claimed cost $50 in the movie. At $20.15 a bottle, it sold out online instantly leaving a sour taste for many anxious fans.

But what about flying, Marty McFly used a hoverboard, and indeed very limited and expensive hoverboards are now appearing.

But a time traveling DeLorean, not quite, even though you might occasionally spot a down-to-earth model on the Parkway East.

Flux capacitor and all, Rick Neumann of Penn Hills took WQED for a ride in the DeLorean he had customized and now takes all over the country to Comic Cons and shows.

And on Back to The Future Day, Neumann and the DeLorean are on display at a convention in New York City.

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