Forget “reality” shows on TV –

Pennsylvanians can just watch the continuing dysfunction in Harrisburg.

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After four and a half months of bickering –

Democratic Governor Tom Wolf and Republican legislative leaders –

Have a tentative budget agreement –

That includes a more than 1-percent hike in the sales tax.

No one wants to pay higher taxes –

But it’s probably inevitable.

For years –

Pennsylvania’s budgets have been balanced by one-time fixes –

And accounting sleight-of-hand.

If lawmakers won’t tackle issues like pension reform –

The state will need more cash.

This is still a proposal – not an approved budget –

So at the moment –

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School districts and human services agencies –

Are no closer to getting their long-overdue state funding –

Than they were July first.

If the budget crisis isn’t enough –

We can change the “reality show” channel to the Kathleen Kane saga.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General is now being sued in federal court.

Five former employees accuse Kane of retaliation –

After they helped uncover her alleged criminal and ethical violations.

She’s already facing charges for allegedly lying to a grand jury.

The state Supreme Court has suspended her law license –

And a senate subcommittee should decide –

Whether she can keep her job without it.

It’s some of the best drama money can buy –

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And as taxpayers – we’re paying for it.