CHIPPEWA (KDKA) — Police say the man who robbed a convenience store in Beaver County and got away with a cup of coffee, cigarettes and cash was bold and brazen.

The robbery happened around 3 a.m. Saturday at the Marathon convenience store in Chippewa.

Investigators say the suspect went into the store twice.

The first time, he got coffee and two cartons of cigarettes, but there was a problem with his credit card.

“It was denied, so he said, ‘I’ll be back. I’m going back out to my car and see why it was denied,’” said Chief Robert Berchtold, of Chippewa Police.

Police say the guy waited patiently for another customer to leave the store, came back in, and then calmly reached in his pocket.

“He places a handgun on the counter and demands of the clerk all the money,” said Chief Berchtold.

In the surveillance video from inside the store, the suspect shows no signs of stress or urgency, even pointing to clerk to check for cash under the drawer of cash register.

On the way out, he tells the clerk to lie on the floor.

The cameras outside the gas station and convenience store show the suspect walking out of the store and to the parking lot on foot, but the cameras don’t show was a vehicle.

Police say they began getting phone calls from people who saw the video on the news.

“One stated she graduated with him, some just know him from previous contacts,” Chief Berchtold said.

He got away with an undisclosed amount of cash, plus the cigarettes and the coffee, which amounted to $81.

The police chief won’t say if they have a name for the suspect, but are happy that no shots were fired and no one was hurt.

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