PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – With busy lives and diets that praise the benefits of protein, we love our eggs for quick, healthy meals.

Often times, the clean-up takes a while. Product-makers are aware of this and they’ve created a big variety of gadgets to help.

KDKA-TV has tested a lot of them over the years and we found another one. It’s called Eggtastic.

To test it out, KDKA-TV news anchor/Does It Really Do That reporter Jennifer Antkowiak went back to someone who has helped in the past.

Henry Clougherty’s kitchen floor has been previously dirtied with products that plunge eggs supposedly to remove the shell.

He was also creeped out by a product that cooks eggs in a unique tube-like way.

In the end, Henry’s still just a man in search of a faster, easier way to cook eggs. He saw Eggtastic on TV and was eager to see if this is what he’s been looking for.

“I saw it on TV and I was kind of hoping that this could be the one that finally works as it shows on TV,” he said.

The Eggtastic commercial shows happy people enjoying mounds of fluffy eggs that come out of the microwave in seconds.

The Eggtastic is a little ceramic pot with a vented lid that’s supposed to make cooking fast. Because of the surface, no sprays or butter are needed.

Following the directions, Henry cracked eggs in to the Eggtastic and stirred them with a whisk. He put the lid on and placed the Eggtastic in the microwave.

A chart that comes with the product tells you how long to cook based the wattage of the microwave. For Henry’s purposes, the time was 1:45.

When it’s all done, the eggs came out looking great.

“Oh look there,” Henry said. “Oh man, we’re there! A little ketchup and we’re good to go,” he said.

The commercial also shows that the Eggtastic makes fast and easy omlette-style eggs with things you can mix in.

Henry tried one with peppers and shredded cheese. The directions say you may need to add a little extra cooking time with added ingredients.

Henry and Jen found that to be true. The first time, the eggs were a little watery. After another 20 seconds though, it was fully cooked and fluffy.

Eggtastic claims to make delicious eggs faster and easier with less mess.

Does It Really Do That? Henry says, yes!

“Success! We finally did it,” he said. “All the egg products, and we finally got one! Success!”

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