By: Heather Lang

A mysterious, but adorable little creature has been taking the Internet by storm over the last few days.

He’s being called “a bog.” Some convinced he’s a little bear, others saying he’s a dog. Most wanting one of their own because, well, come on, how cute is he! Right?

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BuzzFeed started this furry critter’s rise to viral fame when one of their reporters found the image online and posted it to Instagram wondering out loud, “What in the living hell is this creature?”

Soon the post took off, and the legend of the cute little “bog” was spreading like wildfire.

After more research, the BuzzFeed reporter said she found the photo originally came from a Reddit user who also wondered online if the creature was a bear.

After much speculation, the owner finally came forward to clear up everyone’s confusion.

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The creature’s owner, who is from Georgia, tells BuzzFeed the little guy’s name is Bounce, and no, he’s not a tiny little bear. Turns out, Bounce is a dog, a Pomeranian mix to be specific.

The original picture was snapped at a doggy daycare and grooming business in West Nashville, Tennessee.

Still though, some are wondering if little Bounce doesn’t have some bear in him somewhere!

Dog? Bear? Or Bog? I think we can all agree, he’s pretty darn cute no matter what he is.

So, you just keep being you, Bounce.


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