By Jon Delano

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Former Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl was in court Wednesday as a key witness to a robbery.

The former mayor has pretty much stayed out of sight since he left office in January of 2014.

But when KDKA got a tip that he was testifying as a witness for the prosecution at the Allegheny County courthouse, it was a good chance to see how the city’s one-time controversial mayor was doing.

“Last year there was an individual who came in front of my house in the late hours of the night and stole a Bobcat,” said Ravenstahl at the courthouse.

Ravenstahl questioned the man, took pictures, and reported it all to authorities.

KDKA’s Jon Delano: “You confronted someone who might have had a gun. Were you in fear in any way?”

Ravenstahl: “Well, I think my instinctive nature took over, and it was kind of the attitude, ‘I’ll be darned if this guy’s going to come on my street and steal something.’”

There was a time when it was Ravenstahl who was accused by opponents of criminal behavior in City Hall. He was never charged with anything.

Delano: “Do you feel like you quit prematurely, maybe you should have stayed on as mayor?”

Ravenstahl: “You know, you’re catching me off guard a little bit. I wasn’t really prepared to get into the past here today. I’m very happy with where I am. Very happy with the decision I made. I don’t miss politics.”

Ravenstahl now works for Peoples Gas, helping expand its distribution network.

“My work takes me into communities, small communities, small towns, town hall meetings, interacting with folks at council meetings, borough meetings, similar to what I did here in office,” he said.

Ravenstahl and his successor, Bill Peduto, were like oil and water in City Hall.

Delano: “How do you think Bill Peduto is doing as mayor?”

Ravenstahl: “You know, again, you’re catching me off guard here. I’m not going to get involved in that. I don’t follow it closely. People might not believe that or be surprised to hear that, but I really don’t.”

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Ravenstahl also had a tough time with the media.

Delano: “Do you think the media treated you fairly?”

Ravenstahl: “I have a lot of thoughts on those types of things as well as a lot of other…”

Delano: “I’m sure you do, so share some.”

Ravenstahl: “I don’t know that it will do anybody any good to share them.”

Ravenstahl: “I don’t miss these interactions necessarily.”

Delano: “Well, I hope you don’t mind talking to me.”

Ravenstahl: “I love you, Jon, I love you. But generally this is something I don’t miss.”

Ravenstahl says he’s been spending a lot of time with family, especially his son, Cooper, who is now a first grader whom he coaches in lots of sports.

He says he was honored to be mayor for seven years, but doesn’t miss it at all.