PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The official start of spring is just a few days away and that’s good for a lot of things, including your skin.

A survey of nearly 500 people with acne and psoriasis shows a suspected pattern.

“Consistently, people did better in the summer and worse in the winter,” Dr. Brian Horvath, of Horvath Dermatology, said. “This is the first study to actually confirm those findings.”

For people with acne, you may have noticed a recent worsening.

“For acne, people’s best time was the beginning of the fall, probably the end of the summer, and the worst time was mid-winter,” Dr. Horvath said.

Some of this may be related to the dry winter air inflaming the skin. But, there may be another factor, too.

“Probably the biggest reason, though, is that sunlight has some good effects on the immune system. It suppresses the extra inflammation on the surface of your skin that contributes to both psoriasis and acne,” Dr. Horvath said.

The pattern could influence treatment. People who take medication for these conditions would likely have to stay on them for the winter, but they could possibly take a break soon in the summer.

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Dr. Maria Simbra