By David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — They say they feared for their lives. Two women who claim their Uber driver was driving recklessly and way too fast.

And when they asked him to slow down, they claim he ordered them on out on the side of a busy highway bridge.

“I was terrified. I was absolutely terrified,” said one of the women. Neither wanted to be identified.

They got an Uber to go home Sunday evening from the City Theater on the South Side.

First, they noticed the car did not have an Uber sticker in the window.

“He said, ‘Well, I don’t like to post it.'” One of the women said: “He said, ‘I keep it on my seat or underneath my seat.’ So he pulled it out and showed it to me.”

The women decided to get in, but say it was not good from the start.

“He started immediately to drive very recklessly, tailgating through all the back streets of the South Side.”

They say once he made it past the construction on the Liberty Bridge, he took off.

“He just started speeding. He went up to between 79 and 80 miles an hour. He was recklessly driving,” said one of the women.

“I was afraid for my life. The car could have flipped over.”

One of the women says she asked if he could slow down, and they say he responded with:
“Are you serious?” And used an expletive, according to the women.

They claim he said: “You’re disrespecting me in my vehicle,” and then swerved off to side of the bridge and ordered them out.

“We were forced to get out to the oncoming traffic,” said one of the women. “There was nowhere else to go and then he just left.”

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They called Pennsylvania State Police and then texted a friend for help, but had to walk across the bridge and down a ramp to get picked up.

After complaining to Uber, she got a response from a representative: “I will be following up with your driver about this and will be re-evaluating whether he is a partner who will continue to have access to our app.”

Uber also refunded her $10 fee and promised not to match her with that driver again.

Craig Ewer from Uber Communications sent KDKA-TV a comment about the women’s complaint: “Uber does not tolerate any behavior that makes riders feel unsafe, and we’re looking into this situation to ensure it won’t happen again.”

David Highfield