PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Dollar Bank Three Rivers Art Festival is underway and this year, there’s a new, unique exhibit.

It’s designed just for moms and their families. It’s called the “Anthropology Of Motherhood: Feeding Room” and it’s a functional art installation for moms.

“There are amenities for mothers and caregivers, families who have young children and who need to take respite from the festival,” curator Fran Flaherty said.

There are areas for nursing, changing diapers and even playing. Plus, there are works of art created by four local mothers.

“People are very grateful for the space, they’re excited about the art, they feel excited that there’s art in this space that seems to be just for them and that’s what we want, we want people there to feel valuable,” Flaherty said.

“In a space like the feeding room, you can literally walk around, be inside the art, talk about the art with your children and be in a safe space that is beautiful and uplifting,” poet and artist Veronica Corpuz said.

Although this is the first time for the feeding room here in Pittsburgh, it’s not new to the art world.

Similar displays have been set up across the country.

Artists say it’s the perfect addition to Pittsburgh’s popular festival.

“It’s such a long standing tradition for the city and to have a new space like that is really exciting. It brings a new energy and continues the tradition of introducing all audiences to the arts,” Corpuz said.

The feeding room is in point state park, next to the giant eagle creativity zone.

It opens daily at noon.