By Amy Wadas

ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Chuck has made North Hills Middle School in Ross Township his home for the past two weeks.

No, Chuck’s not a student eagerly awaiting the start of next school year. He’s not a teacher or even a member of the staff. This guy’s too much of a birdbrain for school.

Chuck is a rooster, and he’s quickly become the talk of the campus.

“I just called him Chuck right off the bat. He looks like a Chuck. Doesn’t he look like a Chuck?” Shelley Taylor, of Ross Township, said.

Taylor, a custodian at the middle school, came to Chuck’s rescue. She spotted him with her sister.

“I said there’s a big orange thing sitting up on the guard rail, so she went down, turned around and came back up and we encountered Chuck,” Taylor said.

“Yes, I’m the one that feeds you and gives you a drink. Yeah, I know you’re a big boy,” Taylor calls to Chuck.

Taylor has been feeding the bird ever since their encounter. She thinks someone dropped him off at the school.

“I went down to the people on the street. Knocked on those doors and asked if any of them had a rooster,” Taylor said.

No one claimed him, so Julianne Zipparo of Sewickley saved the day.

“I’m taking Chuck to my parents’ farm in Saxonburg,” Zipparo said.

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Another woman in the area found Zipparo on social media and reached out.

“Through Facebook, I became known as the chicken-go-to person,” Zipparo said.

Zipparo says her parents’ farm is the perfect fit.

“Well, they have chickens out there. The more the merrier. They have a bunch of hens now and no roosters, so we’ll be sure to keep Chuck very, very busy,” Zipparo said.

That will allow Chuck to rule the roost.