ROSS TWP. (KDKA) — Ross Township Police have a warning for people who play the popular Pokémon Go: stay out of the parks when they’re closed, stay off of private property, and stay safe.

The developers of the successful app place a lot of Pokémon in parks and wooded areas. Detective Brian Kohlhepp tells KDKA Radio’s James Garrity that lately, police have had to ask people to leave Ross Township parks after hours.

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“We haven’t had any issues with anyone not willing to comply with that, nor have any citations been issued,” says Kohlhepp. “Generally it’s just a warning, and people are happy to abide.”

Detective Kohlhepp says there’s also a concern about people walking onto private property to catch Pokémon.

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“There’s been an increase in activity through residential areas.” Kohlhepp says, adding that even though most people play in their neighborhoods, “if you see someone, they might not just be playing the game, they might be a burglar looking for an opportunity to commit a crime, so please still call 9-1-1 if you see someone walking through [your yard].”

Additionally, given the distracting nature of the game, there’s a public safety concern that comes along with its popularity.

“If you’re going to be playing, do it with a friend or a couple friends” Kohlhepp warns, “If one of you is playing the game, the others can look around and warn you of your surroundings.”

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So far, Detective Kohlhepp says no injuries have been reported as a result of Pokémon Go.