PITTSBURGH — The United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is reportedly on the short-list of candidates who can potentially be selected by Hillary Clinton to serve as her vice president.

Born in Pittsburgh, Vilsack’s voyage in politics has taken him all across the country.

Below are some interesting facts about the steel city native.

  • He was born into an orphanage, where he was adopted as an infant by Bud and Dolly Vissack.
  • Vilsack was involved in the famous 2010 Shirley Sherrod scandal when he jumped the gun and called for the resignation of the USDA official. Vilsack called for her resignation when he saw a video of Sherrod criticizing white farmers. A full clip later emerged that showed the full speech and exhibited that Sherrod wasn’t criticizing white farmers at all. Vilsack later offered her a position and apologized but she declined.
  • He ran for mayor of Mount Pleasant, Iowa after the mayor at the time was shot and killed at a city council meeting.
  • This is the second time Vilsack has been considered for a vice presidency slot. He was also considered in 2004 for John Kerry.
  • Vilsack asked his current wife who she supported in the 1968 election,”Humphrey or Nixon” in reference to the two candidates running for the presidency. After she replied Humphrey, they reportedly began dating.