PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Most of the activity of the Democratic National Convention is happening inside the Wells Fargo Center, but there is also a lot of action outside.

Brian Gallagher, independent blogger and former Pittsburgher now living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, knew there would be plenty to cover on the streets of Philadelphia. So, he started a crowd funding campaign on his blog and raised enough money to make the trip.

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“I just wanted to come [to Philadelphia] because I knew there was going to be a lot of activities going on outside, which there was,” he said.

Gallagher says there are thousands of Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters protesting all day long.

”[They start] around City Hall, which is in the center hub of Philadelphia and then, [they march] down Broad Street all the way into FDR Park, which is right near the Wells Fargo Center and now there are huge barricades between FDR Park and Wells Fargo [Center],” he said.

Sanders protesters are not the only ones making a presence in Philadelphia.

“Black Lives Matter has a presence down here and the Green Party,” he said.

Gallagher added that security is extremely tight and if you’re not participating in the events inside the Wells Fargo Center, the closest you can get is, in his estimation, the distance from, “the fountain in downtown Pittsburgh looking over at Heinz Field. That’s about as close as you can get.”

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“There are miles and miles of 10-foot high barricades and there are police officers in pairs every 50 yards,” said Gallagher.

For the most part, Gallagher said the events outside the DNC have been peaceful and that he has only heard of a few arrests.

“The police officers have been excellent and they’ve been really friendly…they’re doing a great job here and the crowds have been exceptionally non-violent,” he said.

Gallagher added that the police have been handing out water to protesters in FDR Park because of the extreme heat.

You can read more on Gallagher’s blog at www.Sloover.com

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