Newsradio 1020 KDKA is celebrating the Pittsburgh Bicentennial by highlighting the history, the energy, the people, places and things that make Pittsburgh the exciting, growing, always high ranking in ‘important categories’ city that it is.

Did you know that Pittsburgh is city of notable firsts?

  • The first production of commercial aluminum
  • The first world series in major league baseball between Pittsburgh and the Boston Americans
  • The first motion picture theatre
  • The nation’s first gas station opened in Pittsburgh
  • The game Bingo was created in Pittsburgh, although it was first called Beano and dried beans were used as markers
  • The polio vaccine was developed here in 1952
  • The first public television station, WQED launched in 1954
  • The Mr. Yuk sticker was developed at Children’s Hospital
  • The smiley emoticon was created at Carnegie Mellon
  • The world’s first simultaneous kidney, liver and heart transplant happened at Presbyterian Hospital in 1989
  • Long distance transmission of electricity was possible with the development of alternating current, done in Pittsburgh by Westinghouse engineers
  • The first pull tab on cans was created by Alcoa and used by Iron City Beer
  • The first night world series game happened in Pittsburgh in 1971
  • The first retractable dome was constructed in 1961 and named Civic Arena

Listen to KDKA as we celebrate everything about Pittsburgh!

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