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After the Steelers’ huge win over the division-rival Bengals on Sunday afternoon, reporters gathered around running back DeAngelo Williams’ locker to get the his opinion on the hard-fought victory.

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Instead, they got a nugget of information about Williams that he might have trouble living down.

From USA Today:

Fresh off a career-high 32 carries, the Pittsburgh Steelers running back launched into an impassioned explanation of why he’s not old. How the two-back system he played in for Carolina and his detailed training regimen have allowed him to remain productive at 33, when most guys at his position are chewed up and spit out before they’re 25.
And then his cell phone rang, the lyrics of Nickelback’s Rockstar clear as day.

“I’m through with standing in line to clubs we’ll never get in …”

“Don’t judge me!” Williams said, holding up his hands. “I’m a Nickelback fan.”


Williams has started the year on an absolute tear in the absence of Le’Veon Bell and has 3 TDs and 237 yards rushing in two games this year — so suffice it to say Steelers fans likely don’t care about his taste in music as long as that type of production continues.

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But still, Williams isn’t just a Nickelback fan. Of all the songs in the world, Williams chose a Nickelback song to be his ringtone. He chose a Nickelback song to be the song he hears every single time somebody decides to call him.

That’s Nickelback superfandom.

But hey, Williams is playing like a rockstar right now, so whatever works.

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