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Hundred Acres Manor Haunted Attraction (www.hundredacresmanor.com) in Pittsburgh, PA opened their doors on September 9, 2016 for its “13th Year of Fear.” Hundred Acres Manor has been named “Pittsburgh’s Best Haunted House” by HauntWorld Magazine and has been featured on The Travel Channel, LA Times, Forbes, USA Today and dozens of other local and national news outlets.

This summer, Hundred Acres Manor designed and created the first haunted house in Dubai, UAE in the world famous Dubai Mall. While Hysteria Haunted Attraction which operates all year round is located on the other side of the world, Hundred Acres Manor managed to put their creative and build team to the test to also create two brand new attractions here in Pittsburgh.

Hundred Acres Manor features six attractions for one low price of $20 and features two multi-room escape rooms. While Hundred Acres Manor is Pittsburgh’s largest haunted house and said to be the best in Pittsburgh, they set themselves apart from the rest in a big way. What most people don’t know is that Hundred Acres Manor is a 501c3 non-profit and all proceeds are donated to local charities, The Homeless Children’s Education and Animal Friends. To date, they have donated over $1.5 million.

What’s new around the manor?
For starters, one of the new attractions is “The Breach” where aliens have invaded Hundred Acres Manor and the other new attraction is “Hallow’s Eve” giving patrons a tribute to classic Halloween monsters, superstitions and traditions. These two mind bending haunted attractions are being considered the best Hundred Acres Manor has ever had.

Here is what we found…
We visited their Facebook page to hear what fans had to say after experiencing Hundred Acres Manor on their opening night.

“This place is magic! Blew. My. Mind. I started acting in haunted houses 11 years ago so I was skeptical that I would be frightened at all. MAN WAS I WRONG!!! The lighting, and decor seriously create the most immersion I’ve ever experienced! ACTORS were ALL on point and using different tactics that by the end of the night cost me my voice from shrieking with fear and delight! You won’t be upset.”
– Shelby Lyn O’Dell (Facebook)

“Awesome this year!!!! Looks like so much new stuff has been added since last year. I loved all the large animatronics, the part that feels like a space shuttle & the Halloween house.”
– Daria Lynn (Facebook)

About their new attractions:

The Breach
Enter “Project Argos” the space-bound research facility, once pushing the limits of genetic testing that has gotten out of hand. The creatures they were studying have been released, they have taken over, and now you have to escape. Be cautious as you pass through as there are dangers everywhere and these creatures from another void are awaiting your dismay. Can you breach the Argos spaceship and escape, or will the specimens devour your body like those who tried to control the ship before you.

Hallows’ Eve
A tribute to classic Halloween monsters, creatures and superstitions. Some stories are best untold, but some legends refuse to die.

While Hundred Acres Manor features two new attractions, also included in every haunted house ticket is an elevator ride they call Dead Lift as well as Damnation, Torture Tank and Vodou. Be sure to visit Hundred Acres Manor presented by Diehl Automotive this September – November and see why they have earned the title of Pittsburgh’s best haunted house and have been featured year-after-year on major television shows and news stations.

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