AMBRIDGE (KDKA) – Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump campaigned in Beaver County Monday afternoon.

Trump held a rally at the Ambridge Area Senior High School at 3:30 p.m.

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He took the stage just before 4 p.m., and immediately took to focusing on jobs, promising to bring the steel industry back to Pennsylvania.

“Pennsylvania workers will be hired to do the jobs. Hillary Clinton would rather give your jobs to people who pour into the country illegally,” he said.

He didn’t avoid the topic of Hillary Clinton, again promising to appoint a special prosecutor to Clinton’s case if he wins the presidency.

Throughout, supporters could be heard chanting: “Lock her up!” At one point, he shouted for the fire marshal, saying more people should be allowed in.

Trump spoke about Bernie Sanders, saying he “would have gone down in history” as a great figure if he didn’t “make a deal with the devil.”

He said that Nov. 8 is the “last chance” to save the country. Several times he suggested that the media was treating him unfairly.

Vaguely referencing his own scandal regarding lewd comments made in 2005, he targeted Bill Clinton and said Hillary Clinton enabled her husband’s predatory behavior.

“For decades Hillary Clinton has been deeply familiar with her husband’s predatory behavior, and instead of trying to stop it, she made it possible for him to take advantage of even more women. She put even more women in harm’s way. And then she goes out and says, ‘Oh, I love women, I’m going to help women, I’m going to help women.’ She’s a total hypocrite.”

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Before Trump took the stage, two distinct groups lined up outside. Half were supporters waiting to enter the school, another half were protesters working to get their message across.

“The fact that they would bring this kind of person here is obscene,” Bennett Lefebvre said.

“Because I’m a mom, this is my little girl, she’s 5. I just think the way Donald Trump acts is not appropriate for children and I’m here to stand up for my daughter,” one woman said.

Hundreds of supporters with tickets were forced to watch the rally from a big screen TV outside.

“We get here and they refused to let us in, said basically Gold Star doesn’t count. They didn’t care. The fire marshal said no one was getting in and they wouldn’t honor our tickets,” said Gold Star parent, Edward Mitchell.

As part of the preparations for the rally, students were being dismissed early today.

Initially, students were scheduled to be dismissed at 2 p.m., but a decision was made on Sunday, to have them dismissed earlier, with thousands of people – Trump supporters and protestors – expected to be in the area.

KDKA’s Jon Delano tells the “KDKA Morning News” he thinks Pittsburgh will be seeing “a lot more” of Trump and his campaign until Election Day.

He says Trump needs to win big in western Pennsylvania if he wants to carry the state and that he hasn’t given up that possibility yet.

“Everybody is assuming he will lose Philadelphia, he will probably lose suburban Philadelphia and in order to compensate for the large numbers of people who live in southeastern Pennsylvania, he needs a lot of support in southwestern Pennsylvania and it’s not clear that there are even the numbers that will allow him to do that,” said Delano.

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