PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Youngstown, Ohio man had to deliver devastating news to his young son, telling the boy his mother had died of a heroin overdose.

But when he told the 8-year-old the terrible news, he decided to film it and post it on the internet as a wake-up call to other families.

Brenden Bickerstaff-Clark’s 2-minute Facebook video has now gone viral, with more than 650-thousand shares and 27-million video views.

In the video Brenden holds the boy’s hand as he says: “I have something to tell you, OK?”

“Mommy died last night.”

“What? What do you mean, my mom? How?” the child says.

“From drugs,” Bickerstaff-Clark says before his son breaks down in tears.

He then climbs over the picnic table, wrapping his son in a big hug while telling him, “I love you.”

Bickerstaff-Clark shared the video Monday with the following caption:

“Don’t let this disease have to make someone tell your child that your dead because of drugs. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. My son has no mother because of heroin.”

Bickerstaff-Clark also revealed that he is a recovering addict himself who has been clean for more than three months.

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