PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) — NFL Network analyst Brian Billick says he’s really enjoying the show the Pittsburgh Steelers are putting on, especially the play of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Billick joined The Fan Morning Show Thursday morning to talk about the Steelers quarterback.

“I am really enjoying watching the Steelers play. Ben Roethlisberger…is there anybody that does more with fewer throws than Ben Roethlisberger? And [offensive coordinator] Todd Haley is doing a brilliant job, the use of Le’Veon Bell and moving him outside, they seem to keep coming up with these receivers and it’s fun to watch.”

Billick also said that the key to Ben Roethlisberger’s success this season has come from the strong play of the Steelers offensive line.

“I said coming in that if that offensive line can stay healthy, and they’ve done it with some injuries, that this is going to be brutal. That Ben is going to be able to pick people a part, and that’s been the big difference for him right now. But, Ben is taking advantage of that and he recognizes that, although he is clearly going to extend plays by taking the hits that he does that he’s so brilliant at, that the fewer of those he has to take, the better off they’re going to be,” said Billick.

With that being said, Billick stated that if he were the head coach, he would not have appreciated the comments that Roethlisberger made on his weekly radio show here on 93.7 The Fan’s “Cook and Poni Show.”

“Yeah, I would have been a little upset and said, ‘Hey, how about you come talk to me first? How about I not hear about it on your radio show.’ I’m sure they have a great relationship and they’ll dismiss it, but I was surprised to see that coming out publicly in that regard, even if you think it’s true.”

Billick tell us that although the Steelers have clearly been the better team so far in 2016, the head coach and staff still need to make sure the players are preparing well for the Miami Dolphins this Sunday.

“When you’re doing well like this, I always take that extra step and look what’s going on in the dining hall, is the locker room a little messier? Are the tapes or DVD’s or whatever they use now not coming off the shelves as much? Are they not in the training room as much? So that you can go off and find that little area and say ‘Hey guys, we aren’t doing what we did to get here, let’s follow through with what we know the formula is for success,'” Billick said.

You can listen to the entire interview with Billick on “The Fan Morning Show” below.

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