WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — Mail delivery has come to a halt for a section of homes in Washington County, all because of a dog.

The neighborhood’s mail carrier says he can’t get to more than a dozen homes on Allison Avenue in Washington due to a pit bull that he claims has repeatedly attacked him.

With delivery stopped, the Post Office says people who live in that area will have to pick up their mail instead.

Officials with the Post Office say they won’t deliver the mail to the street until they’re sure that Tank the dog is secured and tied up when the postal worker arrives.

Tank looks like menacing from the front door of his owner’s home, but less so when he’s out on a leash. Neighbors say they don’t have a problem with him.

“I’ve never seen it be vicious or mean towards anyone, you know?” says neighbor Jacob Lazek.

KDKA’s Paul Martino: “But it has jumped on you?”

Lazek: “Just friendly, to the leg, jump. You know what I mean? Nothing aggressive or anything like that.”

But the Postal Service says the dog went after a letter carrier four times. In one instance, they say the dog pinned the mailman to the ground, and another time they say Tank pinned him up against a house.

Tank’s owner admits, the dog has gotten loose, but says the claims are exaggerated.

“My son had him out back in the yard and he slipped his collar and went running,” said Renee Scholato, Tank’s owner. “The mailman was across the street and jumped on him.”

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The Postal Service sent a letter to the 16 homes in the neighborhood, informing them that they would have to pick up their mail at the Post Office until repairs are made to secure Tank.

Neighbors say they have gone too far.

“The mailman has a right to be safe. But on the other hand, does the whole block have to be held hostage because of that?” said neighbor Barry Dobsch.

Meanwhile, Scholato says she’s making repairs to keep Tank inside and feels bad for her neighbors.

“I think they went too far. I don’t think that everybody else needed to be punished,” said Scholato. “My dogs don’t get loose all the time.”

Scholato says she’s fixing a broken door and broken window. This weekend, she plans on moving her mailbox to a post nearer to the sidewalk and away from her house. But she says she can’t afford to build a fence, and she’s not sure if this will be enough to satisfy the Post Office.