Luftman Says The NHL Tries To Imitate The Defending Champs

PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) – Last night brought us a new era. No, not in the White House, although that happened, too, but a new era on the ice.

Sidney Crosby, arguably the NHL’s best player, matched up with Edmonton’s Connor McDavid, widely considered the league’s next big star, for the first time. The Crosby-McDavid saga was born.

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NHL Network’s “NHL Tonight” host Tony Luftman joined “The Fan Morning Show” on Wednesday to break down last night’s game.

Luftman said Crosby and McDavid being on the same ice last night was a pretty big deal and marveled at McDavid’s talent and the Penguins’ play.

“When 87 [Crosby] and 97 [McDavid] show down, it’s the kind of thing that deserves [a high] level of attention,” said Luftman. “When I watched that game, the one thing that donned on me is, ‘You’re looking at the next,’ and that’s not an original idea, people have been talking about that for a long time, but seeing those two on the ice at the same time, knowing McDavid grew up admiring Crosby, and then seeing their teams compete. Connor McDavid is such a unique talent, we saw him assist on all three goals, the speed he plays with is extraordinary and all the people I work around are totally taken aback by what he’s able to do, but Crosby and the Pens are still humming, just buzzing the way that they were last year en route to the Cup, they’re so much fun to watch.”

Luftman also said that he continues to be impressed by Sidney Crosby and that the Penguins are setting the bar for the rest of the league.

“Crosby has the tie for the league high in goals, and he’s missed the first six games,” said Luftman. “This team is so good and so deep, they come at the rest of the league and they are the standard. The other day Butch Goring was in with us, and he said the ultimate compliment that can be paid in the NHL is flattery by comparison and by imitation and that’s what the whole league is doing. Everybody talks about speed and everybody talks about the Penguins, that’s the ultimate in respect.”

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Luftman is also confused by the lack of interest and amazement hockey fans have for what Matt Murray has been able to do in his young career.

“I don’t understand why people aren’t more appreciative of what he’s done on a national stage,” said Luftman. “We keep hearing, ‘Yeah it’s a small sample size.’ Well, that’s not his fault. What more do you want him to do? Fifteen wins last year in the playoffs. What struck me as really impressive last night against a very explosive Edmonton team, he didn’t give up another goal the last half of the game. So, yeah, they’re down 3-1, he locks in and the team starts scoring.”

You can hear the entire interview with Tony Luftman on “The Fan Morning Show” below.

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