By Bob Allen

PLUM, Pa. (KDKA) – More students have come to class wearing Confederate flag attire, according to a statement posted on Plum School District’s website, prompting a ban of the clothing.

This comes after Robert William’s daughter said she felt threatened by a student wearing a Confederate flag hoodie. 

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“We have a flag, it’s called the U.S. flag, the flag for the United States of America. If you want to wear a flag, wear that flag,” Williams said.

A statement, signed by Superintendent Timothy Glasspool, reads in part: “Today three students arrived at Plum  High  School wearing Confederate Flag clothing and/or accouterments. This attire is beginning  to cause a disruption to the normal school routine.”

Glasspool reported that the District has received in excess of 50 negative reactions. He stated the students were asked to remove the offensive symbol from their attire. Two students apparently refused and were sent home.

“The practice of ethnic, religious, racial or gender charged symbols that profess hatred, bigotry, or oppression has no place in any learning institution and will not be tolerated in Plum schools,” he wrote.

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But student Noah Leech claims it’s his right to show the flag and says he will challenge the ban next week.

“A lot of these students think it stands for slavery and racism.  And the southern flag, I mean it did fall into that.  But it really did stand for the southern states,” he said. “I’m going to continue to wear my hoodie everyday until I get told otherwise.  Until they change the policy.  I continue to wear my hoodie and support what I support.”

KDKA was told that students are planning to wear a Confederate flag attire to a basketball game Friday night. Officials say those people will not be allowed inside.

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