The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots line up against each other in the AFC Championship game this Sunday.

Looking ahead to the game, sports radio hosts from both Pittsburgh and Boston share their predictions.

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colin-dunlapColin Dunlap – Morning Show Host on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh Steelers 35, Patriots 34:
This game turns into the high-scoring game that seemingly everyone wants to see, with the Steelers coming from behind in the second half to win. And I have a crazy premonition that the thrust of the comeback is New England having to play without Tom Brady because of a big hit laid on him by James Harrison or Ryan Shazier.

wbzfm_bio_fred_toucherFred Toucher – Morning Show Host on 98.5 The Sports Hub Steelers 27 Patriots 20:
Edelman secretly injures himself before the game while trying to make Brady notice him doing rad tricks on his skateboard.

 Josh Miller – Morning Show Host on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh New England 31, Pittsburgh 27:
The Pittsburgh Steelers offense is as balanced as it’s ever been. They can run and throw the ball as good as anyone in the NFL. Defensively they’ve grown and matured and have found a way to get to the quarterback on a regularly basis. Still not enough to overtake New England.

wbzfm_bio_rich_shertenliebRich Shertenlieb – Morning Show Host on 98.5 The Sports Hub The Patriots will win because Mike Tomlin will once again be hearing Scott Zolak’s play of the game in his headset, as well as Bill Belichick’s Bon Jovi-laden Spotify playlist.

jimcolonyJim Colony – Morning Show Host on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh Steelers 34 Patriots 31:
LeVeon Bell doesn’t set a new franchise playoff record but does run for over 100 yards and a touchdown, Antonio Brown also scores but the surprise hero is Jesse James who with 2 TDs. Sean Davis comes up with an interception but the big defensive play is a James Harrison strip-sack.

andrew-fillipponiAndrew Fillipponi – Midday Host on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh Patriots 32, Steelers 24:
Tom Brady’s thrown 19 touchdowns with no interceptions vs. Mike Tomlin led teams. In New England’s only loss with Brady in the lineup, the Patriots were a -2 in turnover differential. When Brady takes care of the ball, the Patriots win. Ben Roethlisberger threw 2 more picks in Sunday’s win over Kansas City. Expect the Steelers to lose the turnover battle and the game.

wbzfm_bio_scott_zolakScott Zolak – Midday Host on 98.5 The Sports Hub New England 28-17:
Pats defense better than anyone thought & a clean no turnover game from Pats. Like the Belichick/Brady combo at home.

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mueller-head-shotChris Mueller – Afternoon Host on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh Steelers 38 Patriots 35:
Steelers fans have been waiting 12 years to get revenge. They’ve been waiting 12 years to prove that New England had to cheat to beat them. The Pats are as good as ever, as surgical as ever. They might beat the Steelers in Foxborough 8 or 9 times out of 10. The Steelers have Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, however, and their work, combined an appearance from the “great” version of Ben Roethlisberger, will make this one of those few exceptions to the rule.

wbzfm_bio_mark_bertrandMarc Bertrand – Midday Host on 98.5 The Sports Hub Patriots 27 Steelers 20:
Tom Brady will rebound from a poor performance last week to own the Steelers like he always does. In his last 5 Games against Pittsburgh Brady has 15 TDs & 0 INTs. His passer ratings in those games: 125.2, 117.4, 101.8, 151.8, & 143.7. When the game is in the books, I look forward to seeing another post-game video from Antonio Brown.

Jeff-HatthornJeff Hathhorn – Host on 93.7 The Fan In Pittsburgh Steelers 29 Patriots 27:
There are fewer parts on the floor in the “Saw” movie series than what Tom Brady has done to the Steelers secondary, however no Gronkowski this time and it’s a Steelers defense that needed to improve and did to rebound from a 4-5 start. This team has been in playoff mode since November and has never had a better offense against New England.

wbzfm_bio_michael_felgerMichael Felger – Afternoon Host on 98.5 The Sports Hub Steelers 27-26:
Game comes down to final play. Gostkowski misses a kick. Gronkowski’s loss is felt.

starkey-head-shotJoe Starkey – Afternoon Host on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh New England 34, Steelers 30:
It’ll be a wonderfully entertaining game with perhaps the last team with the ball winning. I have a feeling Brady will be last with the ball.

wbzfm_bio_tony_massarottiTony Massarotti – Afternoon Host on 98.5 The Sports Hub Patriots 26, Steelers 17:
Pats will have more trouble in the red zone than people think, but Stephen Gostkowski will make his kicks.

Eric HagmanEric Hagman – Host on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh Steelers 31 Patriots 23:
The Steelers will actually jump out to an early lead, thanks to some Patriots turnovers—including a Brady interception as he’s pressured up the middle by Shazier and Timmons. The game won’t come down to the final minute, either.

wbzfm_bio_adam_jonesAdam Jones – Evening Host on 98.5 The Sports Hub Patriots 31, Steelers 27:
Defense gets tested against a real QB, but Brady exploits a weak Pittsburgh secondary to advance to his seventh Super Bowl.

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paul-zeisePaul Zeise – Evening Host on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Patriots 23:
This Steelers team reminds me of the one that won the Super Bowl over the Seahawks in Detroit in that they have momentum, they are playing with confidence and have gotten better each week. I think they are more balanced than the Patriots and I believe Le’Veon Bell will be the X-factor that pushes them over the top.