PITTSBURGH (News Radio 1020 KDKA) – It’s no secret the Steelers’ 2016 season failed to end the way fans and the players wanted, with Mike Tomlin raising the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl LI.

Just two days after the Steelers were eliminated from postseason play, Ben Roethlisberger announced he is considering his options, and may retire this offseason.

Should Roethlisberger decide to return for his 13th season, these five factors may be a reason why:

    1. Winning that third ring: The Steelers are not a bad team, or even a team that is close to rebuilding. Ben Roethlisberger knows this. He also knows the Steelers should enter 2017 as one of the favorites to play in Super Bowl LII. A win would make Ben just the fifth quarterback all-time with at least three wins in the Super Bowl. He would join, Tom Brady (4), Joe Montana (4), Former Steeler Terry Bradshaw (4) and Troy Aikman (3).
    2. Add to his “legend” status: Roethlisberger currently sits in eighth place on the NFL all-time wins list with 123 career wins. Ben has a legitimate shot to creep into the top five should he play a couple of more seasons. He currently sits 24 wins behind Dan Marino for fifth place and 25 wins behind John Elway for fourth place. Only Eli Manning has a chance of catching Roethlisberger anytime soon. The Giants’ quarterback is 16 wins behind Ben all-time.
    3. Add to the Steelers legacy: We all know the Steelers have set the NFL standard with a record six Super Bowl wins. However, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots could creep closer to the Steelers should they win their fifth Lombardi Trophy next week. Roethlisberger knows he has the talent, and talent around him to guide the Steelers to an seventh championship before the team loses key pieces over coming seasons.
    4. Go Out the “Manning Way”: Again, Ben most likely knows his best years are behind him. However, as stated before, the Steelers are currently a championship-caliber team with few glaring holes. Ben could very well wait until he wins his next Super Bowl and announce he’s hanging up his cleats. There’s no better way than to go out on top.
    5. He Has $20,000,000 Reasons To Return: Face it, we all have bills to pay. Ben’s not a single guy, he has a wife and children to provide for. Even though he has millions of dollars in the bank, there’s nothing wrong with earning a little more while also attempting to check off the above items.

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