PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Woodland Hills High School Principal Kevin Murray has been back on the job since January.

Murray had been on administrative leave after a student recorded an alleged confrontation between Murray and the student:

“I’m going to [expletive] punch you in the face. Man-to-man, bro. I don’t care if you are [expletive] 14-years-old or not. I will punch you in your face, and when we go down to court, it’s your word against mine, and mine wins every time.”

The District Attorney’s office did not find anything criminal in what happened between the principal and the student so no charges were filed, and the matter appeared to be closed.

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But days later, Todd Hollis, the attorney who represents the student, filed a motion to revisit the district attorney’s decision.  That motion was supposed to be heard before Judge Jeffrey Manning on Thursday, but now the motion is being withdrawn.

“My client gave some information to Mr. Zappala we had hoped would have been corroborated by witnesses and that didn’t happen. So based on that, and looking at the evidence, I felt it was in my client’s best interest to move forward,” Hollis said.

The student no longer attends Woodland Hills High School and faces his own criminal trail later this month. Phil DiLucente, who represents Murray, didn’t believe the motion in this case should have ever been filed.

“There was action taken. Procedures were followed.  It’s just that the other person did not care for the outcome. And that’s not how our system is based.  It’s based on processes and procedures,” DiLucente said.

There is still the possibility of a civil case, but it’s not clear if that will happen.