UPPER ST. CLAIR (KDKA) — Elaine Shed was only gone from her Apache Drive home for about three hours on Wednesday afternoon.

When she got home she found the place ransacked.

“My kids had just gotten home from school and ran out to tell me their bedrooms were a mess and my daughters money was missing out of her bank,” she said.

“I went upstairs to look around. The bedrooms were completely ransacked.” She called the Upper St. Clair police and when the officer arrived, “Then we realized the bedroom window on the side of the house was broken into. That’s how they entered.”

The burglary happened between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, about the same time Sgt. Ron Fleischer of the USC Police Department says two men were seen by some neighbors walking through yards. A vehicle, a Chevrolet Traverse, was seen in the general area also.

Neighbors say the car was driving slowly down the streets of the community, keeping pace with the men as they walked yard to yard. One neighbor snapped a picture of the car but the license plate was covered.

Shed said the thieves wasted no time in her home.

“It looked like it was very quick, no rhyme or reason. They got away with pretty much all the jewelry I had in my armoire. Fortunately I was wearing anything that was really valuable,” she said.

Shed said it’s all very disconcerting.

“Especially when they go into your bedroom that’s weird. If they would have ransacked the first floor it’s just living space. But your bedroom is such personal space that freaked all of us out.”

Upper St Clair police are looking for any information about the men or the car.

“People may have home exterior security systems with video,” said Sgt. Fleischer. “And certainly if anyone has any video, or may have seen these men, we would ask them to give the police department a call.”

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Anyone with important information should contact police at (412)833-7500 or (412)833-1113.