CARRICK (KDKA) —  An Uber driver walked away from court on Friday after testifying against Derek Vasos, the man accused of fatally shooting Donald Ketter outside a Carrick club.

The driver claims he was called to pick up Vasos outside the Carrick Lit Club. The victim had also left the club and was walking in front of the Uber car. Vasos was sitting on the passenger side when he reached over hit the horn asking Ketter to move.

Ketter reportedly approached the car with a belt wrapped around his hand.

“I think the beeping of the horn ignited the victim to come towards my client in the motor vehicle,” attorney Phil DiLucente said.

The Uber driver said he didn’t see the shooting because he was driving away. He told the court that Vasos claimed it was a warning shot and thought he had missed.

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Prosecutors questioned how a warning shot could strike a man in the middle of the chest. DiLucente maintains it was self defense.

“When you are in your vehicle or your home and you feel the threat of serious bodily injury, you can defend yourself and he did that night and the gunshot testified by the Uber driver was inside the motor vehicle,” DiLucente said.

After the shooting the Uber driver said he told Vasos he had nothing to do with the shooting. He also claimed Vasos made what appeared to be a throat slashing gesture to warn him not to talk. But DiLucente said it was never really clear.