PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A woman thought she found a good home for her dog on Craigslist, but it turns out, the person who took the dog turned around and tried to sell it.

The original dog owner, Shannon Cochenour, now says she feels duped.

She thought she found a good home for her dog, Zoey. Then, she learned Zoey was posted on Facebook, for sale, for quick profit. Now, Cochenour wants her dog back.

Cochenour had to part with 5-year-old Zoey because the dog inflamed her allergies and asthma. She thought she found a loving person on Facebook who would care for Zoey.

“I didn’t give the dog to her to do that. I gave the dog to her to take care of. And when she sends me text messages that she’s going to keep her, she’s going to take care of her, and she does the opposite, it’s not right,” said Cochenour.

One day after she gave up Zoey, Angel Reese of the South Side posted this Facebook message: “I am asking a $100 adoption fee and will be doing background, home, and vet checks to ensure she goes to a good home.”

Facebook readers were angered, and Cochenour now has deep regrets.

“I kind of wish that I would have never did it. I wish she was here, I wish I could give her a good home. I just wish I could turn it all back around,” said Cochenour.

So, Cochenour is reaching out to get Zoey back and to find a responsible pet owner to take care of the animal. So far, Reese – the woman who’s trying to sell Zoey – hasn’t returned the animal.

“I want to get her back, I do. That way I could give her a good home and someone that will take care of her,” Cochenour said.

KDKA called the woman accused of “dog flipping.” At first she denied she was Angel Reese, but eventually admitted her identity.

She declined to be interviewed, would not tell KDKA if she still has Zoey, and says the $100 isn’t a profit, it’s supposed to cover a visit to the vet.

Animal advocates say “dog flipping” is not against the law in the state.

“It’s not illegal in the state of Pennsylvania. Animals are like a chair or piece of furniture, unfortunately. And what you do with them when you legally own it is, unfortunately, up to you,” said Dan Rossi, of the Western Pa. Humane Society/Animal Rescue League.

The best advice is – if you have a dog you can no longer care for properly; take it to an animal shelter where they can care for it and screen people who adopt the dogs.

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