PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh woman reached out to Get Marty with a problem that will require a law change.

“This should not happen. This is absurd,” says Pamela Butler, of Troy Hill.

Pamela got a letter from PennDOT telling her: “PennDOT has received medical information indicating you have a loss of consciousness and seizure condition, which prevents you from safely operating a motor vehicle. You may no longer drive.”

Pamela says she’s never had a medical condition. She also says PennDOT would not tell her who complained.

“I have to prove I’m okay. I cannot find out who accused me of this,” she said.

She’s right. PennDOT says the reports can come from health care professionals, law enforcement, driving schools, concerned friends, family and elsewhere.

PennDOT says the law is in place so that people can report careless drivers without fear of repercussions.

“I get that. But why do I not have a right to my own private medical information?” says Pamela.

Pamela went to her doctor and had him fill out paperwork. Her doctor had to send it to PennDOT. The paperwork then had to be cleared by a PennDOT Medical Advisory Board.

“I finally got clearance to drive again,” says Pamela.

She wants us to help to change the law so anyone who reports someone in order to be vindictive is punished.

“Please help me make certain innocent people are protected,” she says.

KDKA is in the process of reaching out to state leaders willing to do that.

If you’d like Marty to help you solve your problem, email him at GetMarty@kdka.com.

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