DETROIT (KDKA) – A father and daughter in Michigan are sharing the journey of transitioning from mother and son.

Eric Maison, 39, told People that they both realized they were transgender after watching a documentary about a transgender girl in 2012.

“That’s when we both learned what it meant to be transgender, and realized that that explained both of us exactly,” Eric Maison said.

His daughter Corey came out right after watching the film and called the process “very relieving.”

“I was always sad and angry all the time, and I didn’t know what to do about it,” 15-year-old Corey said. “I lost a lot of friends in the process, but the ones that actually did care stayed.”

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It took Eric Maison three more years to come out as transgender. Eric said she wanted to wait for the sake of assisting with Corey’s transition.

“I knew that something was off, but I didn’t know what that was. I knew that I hated my body, I was very ashamed of it, but I didn’t know, cognitively, why,” Eric added. “Honestly, I just thought it was me. I thought there was something wrong with my brain.”

When Corey rejoined school in Detroit after being home schooled for a few years, the administration welcomed her, telling her to use the girl’s bathroom and locker room. Eric Maison credits President Obama’s federal guidelines with the smooth reintroduction.

Eric Maison came out to his husband Les in 2015.

“He took a minute to think and process that and he said, ‘I love you, and no matter what we’ll make this work,’” Eric recalled.

Both said they now feel “complete.”