McCANDLESS (KDKA) — A pair of kids, or baby goats, less than an hour old are the newest residents of the Goat Rodeo Farm and Dairy.

India Loevener’s farm in Allison Park is home to about 100 goats. Females provide milk to produce homemade goat cheese, now available in local markets.

But it was a sad day in May when one of the goats escaped while being transported to another farm.

Farm helper Colleen Frederking led an exhaustive search for the goat named Carlene. Colleen says the search spanned nearly 10 months.

“By July, we still hadn’t seen or heard anything, by putting posters out, looking all around,” Frederking said.

She adds that winter brought more than cold weather.

“There are coyotes in the area,” she said.

But, in late January, Jeff Gerson, of Hampton, says he was hiking a familiar trail near his home.

“And I saw an object I couldn’t identify. I didn’t know what it was,” Gerson said.

He took some pictures.

“She turned in a profile, and then I saw there was a little bit of a beard. So at that point I knew it was a goat,” he added.

McCandless Police put him in touch with Frederking.

A friend set up a humane trap. Finally, Frederking says, “Jeff was in the woods on a Saturday morning. He called me at 9:30, March 11. He said Carlene’s in the trap. He called the farm so they would have a truck come out and pick her up.”

It wasn’t long before the two were reunited.

“They lifted the door, and walked her out of the woods,” she says. “She’s on the farm and she’s happy. And we’re happy to have her, of course.”

She’s grateful that the goat is no longer on the lam.

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