PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh could be going Hollywood if a local non-profit has their way.

WESA reports that Scenic Pittsburgh wants to replace the controversial black and yellow Sprint sign on Mt. Washington with a Hollywood-style letter sign.

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Scenic Pittsburgh has reportedly sent a letter to Louisiana-based Lamar Advertising which owns the 7200-square-foot billboard.

The group is asking them to donate or sell the property to the organization.

Lamar is already in a legal battle with the City of Pittsburgh over the sign, which claims the company is violating zoning regulations.

Scenic Pittsburgh director Mike Dawida told WESA about the proposal:

“It does not identify commercial activities, it doesn’t sell beer, it doesn’t sell chipped ham. It’s there to just tell everybody, ‘this is a beautiful place and this is where you want to come and see.”

Last month the Pittsburgh zoning board found that the banner which is affixed to the former Bayer sign violated the law. They’ve fined Lamar up to $1,000 a day for violations.

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The banner saying, “Pittsburgh WINS with Black & Yellow” was put up last June during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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Dawida said, “we all watch all the sporting events that are here and we always take great pride in the fact that they always show a wonderful view of Pittsburgh. You’ll always see the Pittsburgh sign now if we get this done.”

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto talked about the proposal Wednesday.

“I think that if we were ever able to get control of that site we would go through a public process to hear what all the ideas would be. Certainly it’s not going to be yellow vinyl nor is it going to be a gigantic television set advertising chipped ham. We’ll see what all the other ideas are, I’m sure that the public has hundreds,” Peduto said.

Reaction to the proposal has been mixed with thousands of people weighing in on social media.

Pittsburgh born actor Joe Manganiello likes the idea.

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Others aren’t so sure about it.