By Jon Delano

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Peduto Campaign Ad: “Mr. President, you say you’ll make America great again. Well, Pittsburgh has defined greatness.”

With that introduction, Mayor Peduto uses President Trump to kick off his first campaign ad of the reelection year.

“A little bit of tongue and cheek,” Peduto told KDKA political editor Jon Delano on Monday. “But it’s also done in a way that really does reflect the policies coming out of Washington, what they would mean to the people of Pittsburgh.”

Like the President’s proposed budget cuts.

Peduto Campaign Ad: “Mr. President, if you keep trying to cut healthcare and after-school programs, even a Patriot’s fan like you should know that won’t play in Pittsburgh.”

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“Quite frankly, I think this is no time to be cavalier or cute,” said the Rev. Dr. John Welch.

Welch, one of the mayor’s two challengers in the Democratic primary, says the ad glosses over the serious hurt out there.

“We have people who have been displced out of their homes and many who have unsafe drinking water, and the last time I checked, Donald Trump is not running for mayor, and Bill Peduto won’t be president of the United States.”

“It shows that he’s very vulnerable,” added Pittsburgh councilwoman Darlene Harris, Peduto’s other challenger.

Harris says the ad distracts from real issues because the mayor has no accomplishments.

Harris: “He hasn’t done anything but bicycle lanes.”

Delano: “Bicycle lanes?”

Harris: “Bicycle lanes without traffic and safety studies. Bicycle lanes.”

Delano: “That’s all he’s done for Pittsburgh?”

Harris: “That’s all I can see he has done.”

Retorted Peduto, “I would ask Mrs. Harris to go onto the website.”

“There are over 300 initiatives that we have undertaken,” says the mayor.

This Democratic primary is really Peduto’s to lose. He’s got the incumbency, total name recognition, and almost all the money.

Democratic voters will decide in about four weeks.