CBS Local — From a fresh crop of college grads entering the workforce every summer to the season being the dominant time of year for relocation and switching jobs, the summer months has the highest percentage of job openings. But what U.S. cities are the best for job hunting?

Thankfully, Indeed has you covered.

Indeed’s top two choices are both in Florida: Miami and Orlando are numbers one and two, respectively. After that, the next 13 selections are dense with Californian locations, like Sacramento (5th), San Jose (6th), San Diego (8th), San Francisco (12th), Riverside (13th) and Los Angeles (15th).

Notably, missing from the top 25 are places like New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington D.C. While those are fine places to search for employment, they’re not the most fertile land to scatter seeds in.

“People think about cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, and D.C. as the great economic centers of the U.S.,” said Paul D’Arcy, Indeed senior Vice President, via Time. “While these cities have large economies, they are expensive and growing more slowly than many of the job hot spots in the South and West.”

Outside of just those four huge markets, the Northeast is underrepresented. Just Hartford, Connecticut (18th) and Providence, Rhode Island (21st) made the list from that area.

Indeed used factors such as job market favorability, salary, work-life balance and job security & advancement to sort their rankings.

Below is the full list.