PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she supported the Syria strikes ordered by President Trump.

Speaking at a women’s event in New York City the former first lady sat down with Christiane Amanpour.

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In discussing the Syria strikes Amanpour asked Clinton, “Did the Syria Strike work?”

“I think it’s too soon to really tell.” (Christiane: Did you support it?) “Yes, I did support it. I didn’t publicly support it because that wasn’t my role. But I did support. But I’m not convinced it really made much of a difference and I don’t know what kind of potentially backroom deals were made with the Russians.”

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Clinton also said that the Russians and Syrians moved jets off the runway prior to the strikes.

“The Russians may have been given a heads up even before our own Congress was. So I think there’s a lot that we really don’t yet fully know about what was part of that strike and if all it was was a one-off effort, it’s not gonna have much of a lasting effect.”

Clinton says the military “is a necessary tool, but it should be only one of three.” Adding diplomacy and development should be first efforts.

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Hillary says she is now focusing on writing a book about the 2016 Presidential election, saying, “It’s a painful process reliving the campaign as you might guess.”