PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s a Lucky day for one special little dog!

Lucky the dog survived a terrifying 70-foot plunge into the Ohio River last month, and today he was adopted by one of his rescuers.

Before going home with his forever family, Lucky had to undergo several weeks of care at Humane Animal Rescue.

On May 18, he was forced to swim to the shoreline on Brunot Island after the SUV he was in went down some railroad tracks on the North Side, onto a railroad bridge, then went over the edge and into the river.

“About 100 yards, a combination of the current, and a perpendicular path, he swam about 100 yards to shore,” Kevin Panzino, one of Lucky’s rescuers, said at the time of the tragic accident.

The woman who was driving was killed. A cat was also recovered. Then, more than a week later, a second dog, also believed to have been in the vehicle was found hiding on Brunot Island.

But it was NRG power plant workers who found Lucky the dog in some thick brush and took him in just after the accident. They’re the ones who appropriately named him Lucky, Humane Animal Rescue officials say.

The workers later took him to the shelter for care and a check-up after his ordeal.

Shelter officials say because of a previous injury, they had to remove one Lucky’s eyes, but the surgery was successful and Lucky’s not letting it get him down.

Today, Lucky went home with one of the family of one of the NRG workers who found him.

The shelter says on Facebook, “Today, everything came full circle. Lucky is going to his forever home with one of the NRG workers who found him! Congrats to Lucky & his new family!”


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