By: Heather Lang

Animal shelters all over the country are filled with homeless cats in need of loving families, and that’s the reason for initiatives like Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month.

The aim is to find homes for as many of them as possible.

It’s a big and seemingly endless task, only heightened in what’s known as “kitten season.” The spring and summer months, which the ASPCA says is the time of year when there’s an increase in feline breeding.

But that’s why so many lend a hand to help find them all homes.

“We want our neighbors to know we are doing everything in our power to find forever homes for adorable cats across the country. We are dedicating the entire month of June to this initiative and can’t wait to see happy neighbors and their feline friends in all of our stores,” Pet Supplies Plus CEO Chris Rowland says.

For the entire month, Pet Supplies Plus has made its mission to get as many cats adopted into good homes as possible. More than 3 million cats enter shelters each year.

In June, Pet Supplies Plus stores across the country are holding in-store adoption events, savings on cat supplies and vaccinations and much more.

Pittsburgh-area stores are joining in the effort. And it’s sure to be the cat’s meow!

Here’s some of the local events:
Settlers Ridge (Robinson Twp.): June 17 & 18, Hancock Co. Animal Shelter
Bridgeville: June 24 & 25, Angel Ridge
White Oak: June 17 from 11am-2pm, Pet Friends
White Oak: June 17 from 11am-3pm, All But Forgotten
White Oak: June 17 from 11am-3pm, White Oak Safe Haven/Valley Pet

You can also help by giving. Many local stores collect donations for adoption groups not just during Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month, but all year round.

Also, the store in Settlers Ridge features cats from the Hancock County Animal Shelters each day, and a new store coming soon to Latrobe will have a cat adoption room.

Last year, Pet Supplies Plus helped nearly 400 cats find homes. Visit Pet Supplies Plus website here for more information. And click here for their Cat Spring Offer that can help pet owners get savings on vaccinations for their cats.

Local shelters are joining in the effort, too.

Adopt a cat from Animal Friends this month, and you and your new kitty will go home with a free one-month supply of Nutrish for Cats.


And over at Humane Animal Rescue, they’re offering special rates on cat adoptions all month long. Check it out here:


So, if you’re thinking of adding a cat to your home, meow’s the time to do it!

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