TRAFFORD (KDKA) — A growing sinkhole is causing problems for people in Trafford.

They have tried several times to have it repaired, but the residents say no one wants to take responsibility and the damage is getting worse.

Covered by huge metal plates and surrounded by safety cones, the sinkhole is slowly consuming the east shoulder of Forbes Road in Trafford.

“The initial problem started in October,” Mike Zanolli said. “It was a small hole. I mean, 3 or 4 feet.”

But it’s getting bigger and bigger each day.

“Width, it’s probably about 10 feet wide,” Zanolli said. “Right now, it’s about 18 – 20 feet deep.”

Zanolli is the president of Excel Sportswear, and the hole is right near the entrance of his business. He made PennDOT and Trafford Borough aware of the issue, looking for someone to fix it.

“The borough says it was PennDOT. PennDOT says it was the borough,” he said.

The hole continued to grow, then Zanolli was told by both parties, “it’s your problem.”

Zanolli says everything was OK until PennDOT tied an old drain into a new one when a bridge was replaced.

“They put a brand new pipe against a pipe that was decaying, threw some gravel on it, buried it and called it a day,” he said. “And here we sit.”

A telephone pole near the hole is now leaning toward the road. Someone strapped the pole to the guard rail.

“The guard rail has no support left,” Zanolli said. “The ground has washed away from the support.”

There’s also an exposed raw sewage line. If a car goes into the hole, that could be ruptured, spilling raw sewage into a nearby creek.

“It’s clearly in the PennDOT right of way,” Zanolli said. “We’re just looking for PennDOT to step up and do what’s right.”

KDKA reached out to both Trafford Borough and PennDOT to find out who’s going to fill the hole, and we’re awaiting their reply.

“I just want the hole to be fixed and I want it to be safe,” Zanolli said.

Zanolli says his frustration has him potentially seeking legal action against the state and Trafford if something isn’t done soon.

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