PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Furries are converging on Pittsburgh for the annual Anthrocon convention.

It’s a huge money maker for Allegheny County, and it also makes for some interesting sights if you’re downtown.

When you see them out on the street, it can be entertaining or odd, depending on who you ask. But for the Furries, it’s all about having fun.

“This is just, it’s just fun!” one Furry said. “You get to go out and make people smile, laugh.”

The technical term is anthropomorphism – humanized animals. Think of Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse.

“We just come to have fun, that’s all it is,” another Furry said. “Everyone has fun in their own way, and this is our way to have fun.”

People come from all over the world, having all different day jobs, and enjoy a long weekend in Pittsburgh.

There is some misconception about the purpose of the gathering.

“At this convention, there are some mature areas,” director of public outreach John Cole said. “There is some mature art, and we don’t allow children in there because it’s not appropriate, but that is not the focus of the convention. The focus of the convention is a celebration of everything that is under the big umbrella of walking, talking, fun cartoon animals.”

The Furries love Pittsburgh because the people make them feel welcome.

“No other convention has had a city that has gotten into the spirit the way Pittsburgh has,” Uncle Kage said.

Fernando’s Café on Liberty Avenue is running a dog bowl special and welcoming authorized fur-sonnel for Anthrocon.

At the end of the day, or in their case, the long weekend, fun in the city is what it’s all about.

“That’s kind of the big thing for us,” Cole said. “If it’s not fun, why do it?”

Cole tells the “KDKA Morning News” Pittsburgh always welcomes the Furries and they love that the convention center  is their home for a weekend once a year.

“This is a perfect environment and a perfect backdrop for something really colorful,” said Cole.

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